Mobile Edge Computing for Internet of Vehicles: Offloading Framework and Job Scheduling(车联网移动边缘计算:下载框架和作业调度)

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报 告 人:刘志  助理教授,日本静冈大学




报告摘要:As an enabling technology for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), mobile edge computing (MEC) provides potential solutions for sharing the computation capabilities among vehicles, in addition to other accessible resources. In this talk, we first introduce a distributed vehicular edge computing solution named the autonomous vehicular edge (AVE), which makes it possible to share neighboring vehicles’ available resources via vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications.We then extend this concept to a more general online solution called the hybrid vehicular edge cloud (HVC), which enables the efficient sharing of all accessible computing resources, ,m including roadside units (RSUs) and the cloud, by using multi-access networks. We also demonstrate the impact of these two decentralized edge computing solutions on the execution of this task. Finally, we discuss several open problems and future research directions.


个人简介:Zhi Liu received the B.E., from the University of Science and Technology of China, China and Ph.D. degree in informatics in National Institute of Informatics. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Shizuoka University. His research interest includes video network transmission, vehicular networks and mobile edge computing. He was the recipient of the IEEE StreamComm2011 best student paper award, 2015 IEICE Young Researcher Award and ICOIN2018 best paper award. He is and has been a Guest Editor of journals including Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Sensors and IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems. He has been serving as the chair for number of international conference and workshops. He is a member of IEEE and IEICE.

刘志在中国科学技术大学获学士学位,在国家信息学研究所信息学获博士学位,目前是静冈大学的助理教授。他的研究兴趣包括视频网络传输、车载网络和移动边缘计算,获得IEEE StreamComm2011最佳学生论文奖、2015 IEICE青年研究员奖和ICOIN 2018最佳论文奖。同时是Wireless Communications and Mobile ComputingSensors  IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems等期刊的客座编辑,担任多个国际会议和研讨会的主席,是IEEEIEICE的会员。